Click here to view the List of Registered Participants.

Included in the List of Registered Participants are all those who have paid the correct registration fee and submitted the Online Registration Form. (NOTE: LIST IS UPDATED WEEKLY.)

If you believe that you have completed the registration procedure but can’t find your name, please contact Secretariat today. Chances are you may have any of the following deficiencies:

·         you have not submitted the Online Registration Form
·         you have not paid the registration fee
·         you have not paid the correct registration fee (e.g., paid the graduate student rate but did not submit proof of enrollment)
·         the proof of payment you submitted was not clear enough (we immediately advise you about this matter using any of the contact info you provided)
·         you submitted an unnamed proof of payment making it difficult to determine who to attribute it to

Also, if your name is misspelled, please email Secretariat today at