In light of the extraordinary worldwide circulation of educational reforms, including their diverse contextual articulations, the 9th International Conference on Teacher Education (ICTED), organized by the College of Education of the University of the Philippines Diliman, addresses the central theme of teacher agency, broadly defined as the exercise of individual and collective power of teachers in the midst of challenging situations. It aims to address questions such as: In what ways can educational reforms support or constrain teacher agency, for what purpose, under what conditions, and with what consequences?

Accordingly, the 9th ICTED invites paper, panel, and poster submissions that focus on the theoretical and practical elucidation of teacher agency in the following strands:

Policy and Practice copy

capacity building and curriculum


Overall, the 9th ICTED seeks to foster interdisciplinary conversations among participants of diverse persuasions about:

(1) the advancement of educational reforms in which teacher agency is recognized as a potent force in promoting inclusive and quality education through ethically and socially engaged initiatives;

(2) the promotion of research-based insights that will inform

  • curriculum, instruction and assessment;
  • policy formulation and implementation;
  • capacity-building mechanisms; and
  • evaluation of teacher education reforms; and

(3) the strengthening of life-long learning for teachers, school administrators, policy-makers, students, and allied professionals.


The 9th ICTED invites paper, panel, and poster submissions. All submissions will undergo a double blind review by two referees. All submissions should follow the guidelines below:

A. Presentation Categories

Based on the evaluation of the Program Committee, submissions will be categorized into panel discussion, paper presentation, or poster presentation. Each category is described as follows:

Panel Discussion, Paper Presentation